There are two poster presentation formats available at the 2017 ISSS Conference:
(2) POSTER + 1-MINUTE PREVIEW (no slides)

With the Poster + 1-Minute Preview, you will present a traditional poster as well as introduce yourself and your work with a quick 1 minute preview talk during a conference session. The 1-minute preview talks offer an opportunity to introduce yourself to the international research community. In past meetings, they have significantly increased interest in posters and have led to employment opportunities. There will be many employers at the meeting both private and public. Suggested information to present: Name; Where you are from; What you are studying; What lab; When you expect to be done with your degree; Your poster number (to be provided later); Poster topic/session; Perhaps one or two sentences to highlight an exciting research finding, etc.

We cannot accommodate any slides for this 1-minute talk. We also suggest that you practice your presentation and make sure that you stay below a minute.

Important information about POSTER PRESENTATIONS
  • POSTER — Unless notified otherwise, all abstracts submitted with Poster selected as preferred presentation type are automatically accepted for presentation at the conference in the topic area selected by you at abstract submission. 
  • POSTER + 1-MINUTE PREVIEW — Abstracts submitted with Poster + 1-Minute Preview selected as preferred presentation type are automatically accepted for poster presentation at the conference (unless notified otherwise) in the topic area selected by you at abstract submission. Due to time limitations, it may not be possible to schedule all 1-Minute Poster Preview requests. The 1-Minute Poster Preview slots will be assigned in chronological order by date of abstract submission (i.e., first come, first served). Presenters will be contacted in late July to inform them whether they will be presenting a 1-Minute Poster Preview talk along with their poster.

Information about assigned poster session, poster number, etc. will be provided at a later date. 

Poster Formatting Information:
• Maximum poster size: 42 inches width, 42 inches height (106,7 cm width, 106,7 cm height)
• Recommended minimum font size = 20 pt
• The location of your poster will be noted on the poster boards with numbers corresponding to those listed in the program.
• Presenters are requested to remain with their posters during their assigned poster session.
• Either plastic push pins (pins will be available in poster room) or velcro can be used to attach posters to poster boards. Posters cannot be hung on or taped to poster room walls; Only posters officially accepted by conference program committee and listed in conference program may be displayed at conference.

Any questions or problems? Email conference organizer Julie Tillman at