12th Triennial ISSS Conference Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts need to be submitted with the following formatting and specifications

Download Abstract Template here (Word file).
Please download and use this template file to prepare your Word file for submission.

General Specifications:
• Written in English
• Font = Times New Roman
• Single line space
• 12 point type size

Presentation/Poster Title:
• 40 word limit
• All capital letters and bold

Author List and Affiliations:
• List authors and co-authors by last (family) name and first name initial(s) only, with numbered superscript affiliation
• Separate authors by commas
Underline and bold name of presenter
• Affiliations, city, state or province, country in italics
• Include email address of presenter, formatted as shown in example below

    Powell A.L.T.1, Blanco-Ulate B.2, Vincenti E.1, Lam-Chang K-L.1, Vicente A.3, Labavitch J.M.1
    Plant Sciences Department, 2Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis, CA, USA; 3LIPA and CIDCA University of La Plata and CONICET, Argentina.
    Ann Powell, alpowell@ucdavis.edu

Abstract Text:
• 350 word limit, excluding title, author list and affiliations
• Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and any proper nouns, (e.g., Effect of pesticides on recovery of Didymella bryoniae from cucurbit vines)
• Do not include figures, funding sources and references


Abstracts may be submitted prior to REGISTRATION for the conference. An author may submit more than one abstract, but acceptance of each submitted abstract for a poster presentation is contingent upon space availability.

Once you have prepared abstract according to the above specifications and/or used provided abstract template, proceed to Abstract Submission online form:

Any questions or problems? Email Julie at jtillman@ucdavis.edu.